Happy Halloween


Halloween is such a fabulous holiday; any excuse to dress up and eat candy gets my wholehearted support! This year was baby’s first Halloween and I really wanted to do a family costume.  I spent weeks brainstorming and offering ideas but just  couldn’t get her Daddy on board. While my husband has been talked into his fair share of crazy stunts in the past, I couldn’t sell him on the idea until I offered to knit our little lady her very own Yoda Hat.

DSC02824A quick trip to Ravelry and I found the most awesome pattern by Sunshyne Leland – the Felted Baby Yoda Hat  a fabulous pattern and it’s free!   I knit mine with some old Lion Brand Wool (my favorite felting yarn) and followed Sunshyne’s instructions for starching the ears.  I knit the coat while I was expecting and never planned to use it as a Jedi cloak, but it really completed the ensemble.  It’s the Snug by Hinke, also free! knitted with Lion Brand Fisherman’s wool.  I hadn’t sewn buttons on it yet so I used a wooden shawl pin to close it and bless her heart, the girl left her hat and coat on all evening.

ll3All in all, it was a fabulous first holiday, and I imagine, the last one that I’ll be able to dress my little girl up like a 900 year old alien instead of a princess or a fairy.  She’ll probably groan at these pictures someday but I couldn’t be happier at how it all turned out.  Cutest little alien I know.