Year In Review


Dearest blog followers – Despite what my recent blogging habits would indicate, I am still alive and well.  This has been a crazy year filled with new original patterns, failed projects, knitting dry spells, and unrequited dreams of an organized knitting stash.  Here are a couple of the highlights:

ImageMy beloved niece keeps getting cuter and cuter.  Here, she proves that horizontal stripes really DO make you chubby!  The pattern is from Amanda Keyes Baby Beanies – Stripes and Pom Poms.  It’s knit is Red Hearth’s Debbie Stoller Alpaca Love. Image

In this shot,she models the ever popular free pattern Baby Berry Hat by Michele Sabatier.  Knit in Lion Brand Cotton Ease yarn with Lily’s sugar and cream cotton for the stem.  She really makes a statement here by wearing it au’ natural.  Image

This one is probably my favorite shot from her first year.  My sister managed to lovingly design and knit this bonnet and diaper cover ensemble in all her free time as a working mom to a 6 month old.  She is my hero.  We’ll try to get her to share her pattern and yarn selections in an upcoming post.

We’re trying to start her early and she shows some real natural talent.  If only those needles weren’t so delicious!

IMG953778 IMG956659IMG954688IMG959173IMG957775



Also this year, a lovable beagle mix puppy was abandoned in our neighborhood.  We had the best intentions of fostering him until a suitable family could be found.  That lasted all of a few hours before we named him Buckley and made him our own.


ImageAnyone who shares my geeky love for the Wes Anderson film ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ will recognize the original Buckley (in the lower right corner) and his family in red Adidas track suits.  It seemed only fitting that my new family member have a matching hand-knitted version.  I made up the pattern and failed to write any good notes so unfortunately I can’t share it, but I have to admit it turned out pretty cute.  He doesn’t even seem to mind that I make him wear it every time I watch the movie.

All in all, it was a great year and I’m looking forward to all the new and exciting things to come next year.  Keep your eyes peeled for new patterns and inspiration for 2013.  Here’s to new projects and finishing the old.  This year, may your needles be busy and your yarn basket ever full.  Happy New Year!

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  1. Cute hats and an even cuter model!

  2. Jennifer

     /  August 6, 2013

    I just went through your whole blog, in one sitting, at work. I love your knits! I love you projects, I love how generous you are with your patterns!!!! Since this is August in 2013, I am begging you to please come back to the bloggesphere! Please give us an update. Thank you!


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