Baby Love

I’m dedicating this Valentine’s Day to my tiniest love. There’s not a girl in the world I love more than my sister and my beautiful niece ‘Sunny’.   My sister is the one who taught me to knit, so she appreciates (and photographs!) each and every hand made knit for her little miss.

This sweet little bib is a free pattern that’s appropriately named for Valentines day:

the I Love Stockinette Baby Bib – by Laura Treadway

I knit a solid colored bib that came out so beautifully that I decided to dress it up a little with my first attempt at intarsia – or color blocking.  It’s not tricky, but by reading up on it first you can avoid some unsightly holes at the color transitions by wrapping the yarn as you switch colors.  Here is a link to the directions I used at the Purl Bee – Intarsia Tutorial.

So you’ve figured out the whole intarsia technique, here’s the fun part.  Read the pattern instructions for the project you’re planning to add intarsia to carefully and determine how many columns and rows of stitches you’ll have available for the design, then get out your graph paper and start designing.

Here is the heart pattern I used for this bib. It’s knit in Lily Sugar ‘N Cream cotton so it’s super washable.  I also went down a needle size from the first bib I made since I can be a bit of a loosey Goosey when it comes to gauge.

Not up for designing your own chart? Just do a quick google search for all the free knitting charts available.  There’s a fun bib pattern out there for everybody:  the seafood lover, the flower child, even the ever-cuddly Darth Vader.

So let your imagination run wild and knit something  for the little ones you love.

Okay, just one more.  I can’t help myself.

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Knitting!

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