Happy Knit Year!

It’s a new year, and I have plenty of the same old resolutions we all do:  Organize my yarn stash, clear some projects out of my ravelry queue, blog more often, post those patterns I’ve made and never written down, finish that hat I promised my husband 3 years ago, blah, blah, blah.

Well I  hate the idea of starting a new year with a glorified to-do list.  I’d rather think of 2012 as an opportunity to try new things and learn some new skills. And I’ll admit it – I’m a procrastinator;  I’d much rather start something new than finish something already started.

So, to kick off the new year the right way….Here are a few of the new knitting tricks I look forward to mastering in the year to come!

Double Knitting

A seemingly magical process by which two sides of knitted fabric are created using one needle.  Sure, the directions make it sound simple, but from the outside looking in, this technique  looks downright miraculous.  From what I understand,  you can use it to create open pockets or to do blocked colorwork like this piano scarf where the reverse side is finished as well.  I have been dying to do a two color houndstooth pattern, and I think double knitting will be just the ticket.


I’m currently enchanted by this chunky textured basket weave stitch.  It lends itself to some interesting color options and despite it’s hypnotic cabled appearance, it’s just a series of knits, purls, and simple decreases.  In most of the projects where I’ve seen it used, it can look a little dowdy, but I’d love to find a fresh, modern use for it

Brioche Rib

Another great way to do two color knitting.  I’m  in love with all of the brioche rib hats I’m seeing in department stores this year.  Supposedly just a matter of slipping stitches back and forth to create that great textured rib look.  I’m anxious to give this technique a try.

So here’s to a New Year, new projects, and new skills.  In 2012 may your heart, your stomach, and your needles always be full.   Blessings!

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  1. You will be shocked when doing entrelac — it is actually easy, although it looks difficult.

    Remember to count. You might want to use one color to practice.

    There are also yarns that are variegated and then each little block might be a different color!

    • Great advice Marny. I think another New Year’s resolution should be to learn patience when it comes to starting new patterns and techniques. I can’t tell you how many projects I’ve frogged or abandoned. New projects are just so darn exciting!

  2. Ruth

     /  January 5, 2012

    H, Hilary! I’m actually working on an entrelac hat right now. I should have done exactly what Marny suggested – practice – before jumping into a project. But that’s so not me. I haven’t quit masted it yet, but I’ll probably ‘have to’ try another one. Also, I would LOVE to have the basic instructions for the ‘double knitting’. YEARS ago, I used to make scarves using this method. I’ve kept one of my old scarves around thinking someday I’d try to figure it out. It would probably just be easier to have the instructions again. When I got all my grandmother’s knitting patterns, I had hoped to find it, but alas. I do remember it being quite easy:) I always look forward to your posts. They always make me want to knit more – maybe this will be the year!

    • Hi Ruth,
      It’s great to hear from a friendly face! I have the exact same problem, I just get too excited to start a new project to take the time for practice or gauge swatches. Consequently, I have little pride when it comes to frogging and starting over. I hope to keep everyone updated on the new skills and maybe some new patterns with them. Good luck with your knitting this year – and enjoy that warm South Dakota weather!

  3. Frogging over a few times with entrelac didn’t bother me – it’s a wonderful way to learn. The frogging was on the first section – because it absolutely did not look right. All of a sudden, it did, when I realized from a close up picture that the cast on row was supposed to look strange.

    From then on, it was a matter of counting properly and paying attention to the directions. Once that was learned, it shocked me to realize I could do it without checking the pattern! Well, until the side half triangles. LOL

    There are pictures on my eBoard – http://Gentleasyougo.eboard.com if you want to check my first attempts.


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