One of those knitters…

This cute little painting by Robin’s Egg Studio made me smile. Yes, I’ll admit it – I’m one of those knitters and I’d suspect you are too  If you’re like me, you’re downright proud of it.  If you don’t want to become one of those knitters: here are the warning signs.

1. Your friends ask “did you make that?” when you wear anything knitted.

It’s flattering that they think that much of your knitting prowess, but at some point it’s just embarrassing to have to admit “no…I bought it at the GAP”.

2. You hit the yarn store in the face of emergency.

Most people would consider groceries, firewood or batteries the essentials in the face of an oncoming weather disaster.  All you can think about is all the free time you’ll have to catch up on your knitting.

3. You improvise knitting tools when you’re without.

You know that feeling, you’re just getting rolling on an exciting new project and realize you don’t have a stitch marker.  A wedding band is shaped just like a stitch marker…. your spouse will never notice right?

4. All your friends ask for knitting lessons.

Yep, it’s like Jr. High all over again except that now you’re one of the cool kids.  Plus, knitting is a much better life skill than spit-wads.

5. You carry a camera to the mall.

Because you’ll never know when inspiration will hit you.  Don’t tell me you’ve never seen a cute little cowl or wrap on a mannequin and thought…”I could totally make that”.

6. You stop strangers to talk knitting.

We all expect to find kindred spirits in the yarn aisle, but there’s nothing better than connecting with a total stranger who shares your passion.  Whenever I spot someone wearing what looks like a hand-knit, I always pay them a compliment.  It never fails to spark a fruitful conversation.

7.  You spend more time on Ravelry than Facebook.

And who could blame you?  There’s no Farmville, no annoying personality quiz requests, and no ex-boyfriends!

8. You get your book club books on CD.

There are only so many hours in a week for knitting, right?  Why waste two hands holding a book when you can listen and knit at the same time!

9. You knit in  your sleep.

Well, dreams that is, all my best designs happen in my sleep.  But how much more knitting would I get done if I could figure out how to do it in my sleep!

10.  You read knitting blogs!.

And I love you for it. Seriously, Thank You so much for dorking out with me over how cool we all know knitting is.



Happy Knit Year!

It’s a new year, and I have plenty of the same old resolutions we all do:  Organize my yarn stash, clear some projects out of my ravelry queue, blog more often, post those patterns I’ve made and never written down, finish that hat I promised my husband 3 years ago, blah, blah, blah.

Well I  hate the idea of starting a new year with a glorified to-do list.  I’d rather think of 2012 as an opportunity to try new things and learn some new skills. And I’ll admit it – I’m a procrastinator;  I’d much rather start something new than finish something already started.

So, to kick off the new year the right way….Here are a few of the new knitting tricks I look forward to mastering in the year to come!

Double Knitting

A seemingly magical process by which two sides of knitted fabric are created using one needle.  Sure, the directions make it sound simple, but from the outside looking in, this technique  looks downright miraculous.  From what I understand,  you can use it to create open pockets or to do blocked colorwork like this piano scarf where the reverse side is finished as well.  I have been dying to do a two color houndstooth pattern, and I think double knitting will be just the ticket.


I’m currently enchanted by this chunky textured basket weave stitch.  It lends itself to some interesting color options and despite it’s hypnotic cabled appearance, it’s just a series of knits, purls, and simple decreases.  In most of the projects where I’ve seen it used, it can look a little dowdy, but I’d love to find a fresh, modern use for it

Brioche Rib

Another great way to do two color knitting.  I’m  in love with all of the brioche rib hats I’m seeing in department stores this year.  Supposedly just a matter of slipping stitches back and forth to create that great textured rib look.  I’m anxious to give this technique a try.

So here’s to a New Year, new projects, and new skills.  In 2012 may your heart, your stomach, and your needles always be full.   Blessings!