Pom Pom Phenom Nursery

What do you get when you arm two crafty sisters with a pom pom maker and some felt?  The happiest nursery on the block.  There’s nothing more playful than a hand made pom pom, so what better way to welcome a future knitter into the world?  Here are a few of my favorite touches from my new niece’s nursery.

I don’t think anything but sweet dreams are possible sleeping under this mobile. The pink elephants were cut from craft store felt and assembled with a blanket stitch of embroidery thread.  Next, I threaded the elephants along with a combination of hand felted balls and mini pom poms onto a mobile frame and Voila!  A fiber lover’s dream.

Sure, fabric pennants are all over Etsy and in every baby photographer’s prop closet; but I think pom poms are the new pennant.  We strung pom poms garlands on the crib for color and in the windows.  The window poms are already a big hit with baby Allison.

We even made some giant pom poms to use as toys/decoration.  (Keep your eyes peeled for some really cute newborn photos featuring them!) These will be great for playing catch if Allison inherits her hand/eye coordination skills from her aunt.

You’ll see this baby has some talented crocheters in her life as well. I really love the little pink elephants, almost enough to learn to crochet.



This baby comes from a long line of crafty ladies. Everything else in this nursery was made especially for her too.  Her grandma sewed the curtains and bed linens, her auntie made the footstool and the paintings and her mama hand cut the paper garland around the top of the room. Even her daddy helped hang the custom wood trim around the room to match her furniture.  This nursery was a family affair for a much loved addition to the nest.

A very lucky girl indeed.


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  1. I found this blog through @gillyblythe’s Twitter, and my eyes nearly popped from m’head at this post. I want to submit it to every home decor and baby blog in the world. And I want that mobile for my adult self.

    • Why thank you! We submitted it to Apartment Therapy’s ohdeeoh children’s blog so we’ll see if they share your enthusiasm!

  2. I know you made this post a while ago, but I just have to point out the Elefante pattern by Susan B Anderson. I knit mine out of worsted weight yarn and the head can barely fit in my hand. If you knit it with fingering weight, it might come out closer to the adorable size of the crocheted one. Not that there’s anything wrong with learning to crochet!


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