Coming Home

There.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  To say I’ve been doing some baby knitting lately would be an understatement.  When my beloved sister who taught me how to knit told me she was expecting a baby girl – we set into motion a plan to outfit this baby in all things adorable and knitted.  She’s been collecting baby pattern books for years, but when she decided to bring a rambunctious yarn-eating puppy into her life, I was appointed Head Baby Knitter.  I’ve been stockpiling said baby knits in order to showcase them in the best possible way – on an adorable baby.  Thus begins the first of many blog posts centered on my beautiful niece,  Allison May.  She was all of 48 hours old for her first photo shoot.

Coming home from the hospital is like starting your first day of Junior High, it is ALL about the outfit.

The coming home dress should of course be precious, but let’s face it: she’s going to wear it once.  There’s always the possibility it will be handed down to future relatives, but it seems silly to spend a fortune on fancy yarns and overly delicate patterns.  And because Allison was due to be born during one of the worst heat waves the Midwest has ever seen, cotton seemed the most reasonable yarn choice. This whole ensemble was made with just one skein of Lion Brand Cotton Ease.

Here are the patterns:

Hat: the aptly named Quick and Easy Baby Hat by Emma Walker.  I cheated and knit it on straight needles because I so dislike double points.  It’s designed with eyelet holes for a ribbon to be threaded around the brim, but the ribbon kept the brim from stretching so it was promptly discarded. Also, I added one extra row of garter stitch ribbing.  Not on purpose, just because my brain stopped working and I forgot how to translate a knit-in-the round pattern to straight needles.

The dress: a custom variation of the Baby Ribbon Dress by Tami Olsen made to match the Quick and Easy hat. I made it quite a bit shorter due to the heat wave, and used the border from the hat as the detail for the bottom hem and bodice of the dress.  This was a nice easy pattern to adapt and it happened to fit perfectly.

The booties: Quite possibly the most brilliant bootie pattern ever written.  The Chaussons Mignons, which translates “cute slippers”.  These are absurdly easy to make and quick enough that you won’t even care if they don’t fit (which these didn’t).  My sister and I are both petite but apparently this little lady inherited her feet from her 6’2″ father.  Thankfully she was kind enough to let us snap a few pictures of them before she kicked them off.  Garter stitch, simple shape and clever construction, what’s not to love?  I’m planning to make a big stockpile of these slippers using all my leftover yarn scraps to have for last minute baby gifts.

The nurse who escorted her out of the hospital was overheard commenting “That is the cutest going home outfit we’ve ever seen here“.

Mission accomplished.


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  1. Ruth

     /  August 1, 2011

    Just adorable! I’m speaking of Allison, of course, but the outfit ranks right up there as well. Congratulations to all:) Looking forward to more pink knits. PS – Keeping a ‘stock’ the the baby booties for ‘welcome to the world’ gifts is a great idea!


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