Boy Genius

Everyone,  I mean everyone I know is having a baby right now.  That means a lot of baby shower knitting, and while there is an abundance of cute knitting patterns for little girls, I think the boys sometimes get the short end of the stick (or needle in this case).

You can imagine my delight when I came across this handsome pattern Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down on Ravelry.  It knits up really quickly with any worsted weight wool and it’s perfect for all the hipster babies you know.  This pattern is well written and totally chic; but I found the one thing I think it’s been missing…



Tiny leather elbow patches.  It’s what all the future professors will be wearing this fall.  And, my grandmother has supplied me with a lifetime stash of sustainable leather scraps.  Years ago she started collecting random leather vests and jackets from thrift stores then washed them, presumably to remove all the biker sweat, and cut them into leather scraps to use for crafting projects.  Love this idea – it’s cheap, chic and easy recycling.

I enjoyed this pattern so much I’ve already made it twice.  It’s now my go-to project when the next friend announces  “it’s a boy!”


Note that the pattern runs a little small, but that you can always substitute a bulkier wool.  I used Cascade’s ecological wool for the lighter sweater and I think the sizing worked out great.  And don’t forget to accessorize: be sure to include a tiny leather bound thesaurus and bubble pipe when you’re wrapping up this gift.

Let’s hear it for the boys.