Ahoy Summer!

It’s here!  Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of the summer and a day to remember the service men and women who’ve given their lives for our country.  Maybe it’s the fact that both my grandfathers served in the Navy or memories all those sailor dresses my mother loved to photograph me in as a kid, but I’ve always had a soft spot for all things nautical.  So what better way to celebrate the weekend than in this summer top.

The Nostalgia Top by Marina Hayes was designed in a pink and purple color scheme but I thought the stripes and criss-crossed stripes just screamed navy and white.  I used the Knit Picks shine sport yarn that the pattern called for and couldn’t be happier with the results.  It’s soft but stretchy and the cotton/modal blend makes it perfect for summer.

Of course, with every project I make my share of mistakes so here are my words of wisdom in case you venture to make one for yourself.

When you’re figuring out which size to make, remember to take the chest measurement above your bust where the top will hit you. Also, keep in mind that there will naturally be a little give in the ribbing, so if you’re between sizes – I say go for the smaller one.

When you’re grafting the striped rectangle into a tube, pick up an equal number of stitches from the cast off edge and use the kitchener stitch method for a seamless look – here’s the tutorial I used

Also, as you’re picking up stitches along the striped edge for the top and bottom ribbing, instead of trying to figure out how to pick up 146 stitches evenly- just aim for 4 stitches every stripe.  Much easier to remember and a more uniform spacing.

Lastly, I double crossed the straps (unlike the pattern as pictured) mostly because the straps ended up too long when I tried it on.  It helps the top stay up a little better and in the end I think I actually prefer the look.


Hopefully these tips make yours the picture of perfection.  Happy Memorial Day and happy summer!