the Organic Mushroom

One of my first designs ever was the Holy Cowl.  Next, because I had leftovers and because every good project deserves a matching accessory, came the cuffs.  And now, to top off this epic trilogy (pun intended)…

It’s the Organic Mushroom.  An original knit requested by blog follower Susie. This slouchy beret knits up in no time and completes your matching set.

Knit with Lion Brand’s lovely Natural Choice Organic Cotton (made in the USA and with all natural dyes), this hat is as cute as it is sustainable.  The perfect gift for your eco-smart friends.

for your knitting pleasure… The Organic Mushroom

Thanks again Susie for your inspiration, enjoy!


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  1. Liz

     /  March 4, 2011

    I just saw this hat on Ravelry and followed the link back to your blog. I LOVE it and all the work you’re doing! I will definitely start following along. One thing I’d love to see is an RSS feed link on here somewhere so I can have your posts go to my google reader account. Just a thought!

  2. carol

     /  March 12, 2011

    very pretty!

  3. Jessica

     /  April 24, 2011

    Hey, beautiful hat,
    just wondering if you have the pattern for this?
    I would love to make this. 🙂

    • Hi Jessica,
      The pattern should be attached to the blog post in a .pdf as a link named The Organic Mushroom. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you. Happy knitting,

      • Mary Nebel

         /  August 9, 2012

        I cannot seems to get your pattern from Ravelry or from your site. I was told by Ravelry to download a .pdf. It is where

  4. maylen anthony

     /  May 12, 2011

    What is the *yo stitch in the pattern?

    • Hey, yo stands for yarn over. You make an open loop on the needle to make up for the two you just knit together and when you knit it on the next round, it leaves a hole that becomes the lace pattern. Hope that helps!

  5. MiAnna

     /  July 3, 2011

    Do you have a rough idea of the gauge for this pattern? Or even just the circumference of the head the brim was made to fit? Thanks

    • Hi, The finished circumference is about 14″, but easily stretches to 20″ or more. Hope that helps!

    • Hi, The finished circumference is about 14″, but easily stretches to 20″ or more. Hope that helps!

  6. Davia

     /  July 7, 2011

    I casted on 48 with size 10 needles and it is WAY small, am I doing something wrong? I used cable cast on because I thought it would have more stretch but it is still really small. Any suggestions? I adore this hat, and really want to make it, so any advise would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks so much for sharing the pattern!

    • Hi Davia, The lace pattern repeat for the hat portion is a multiple of 6 plus one extra stitch. As written, the brim is 48 and the hat portion increases to 61. To size it up just add a multiple of 5 stitches to the brim, and make sure you end up with a multiple of 6 plus one for the body of the hat. Best of luck!

      • Davia

         /  July 7, 2011

        Awesome! Thank you! I think I can figure it out now since I know that! Can’t wait to get started!

  7. Sarah

     /  July 7, 2011

    Hello, I just found your blog (which, by the way, I love!), and I want to try out this pattern, but after reading through it several times, I could not find where I was supposed to use the size 11 double pointed needles. When you said what all you need for the pattern, it says “size 10 and size 11 circular needles”…”& size 11 double pointed needles”.
    But in the pattern, after using the size 10 circular needles, it just says “Switch to size 11 needles”.
    I’m confused…can you please help me out? 🙂
    p.s.Thanks so much for the “Holy Cowl” trio of patterns!!! They’re absolutely adorable, and I can’t wait to knit them all!

    • Hi Sarah, glad you’re enjoying the patterns. The only place you’d need the size 11 double pointed needles is when you’re getting to the tip of the hat when the decreases make it to small to fit on your circular needles. Of course, you could always use the magic loop method instead of the double points if you’d like. Good luck with it!

  8. Sarah

     /  July 7, 2011

    Okay, thank you!

  9. Jennie and her Mom

     /  August 16, 2011

    Hi there!
    Thanks for the killer patter what does M1 mean?
    J and J’s Mom

    • Hey, Glad you’re enjoying it! M1 just mean make one ( or add one stitch using any increase you like best).

  10. Grace

     /  October 4, 2011

    Hi, thanks for posting this! I just made it and it’s super cute. It’s only my second project, so it helped me learn a lot of new skills, too.

    I do have a question on the decreases, though, if that’s okay. For the second decrease, do we break the last repeat so that it is “K3tog, yo, K2tog” in order to end with a single knit stitch? I kind of just fudged it somehow when I was making it, but I’ve been trying to go over the pattern more meticulously before I make another as a gift.

    Thanks again!

  11. Hi! I am making your thumbs up fingerless mittens/wristwarmers. I really like the thumb but am having trouble picking up the 15 stitches with the double pointed needle after closing the arm up. Can you give me any tips?

    Thanks! Shirlee

  12. Vicki

     /  December 27, 2011

    Just finished this hat and love it. I had a little trouble getting started but can’t wait to give it to my teen granddaughter. I want to make the cowl but am going to make a scarf first to go with the fingerless gloves and hat. Thanks! Would love to post pix.

    • Thanks Vicki, I hope she loves it. Are you a member of It’s my favorite way to share pictures of finished projects – I’d love to see it.

  13. Kathy McCann

     /  January 11, 2012

    I have clicked on everything on this page to try to get this pattern. It just keeps bringing up the same page but no pattern. I don’t know what else to do. I love this hat but I am getting frustrated. Too cute not to make!

  14. Kathy McCann

     /  January 11, 2012

    Finally got it! Thank goodness!

  15. Hi Hilary,

    I have started the hat twice now and have ripped out back to the beginning thinking I was doing something way wrong. When I use a 16″ cable on size 10 needles, with a cast on of 48 stitches, there aren’t enough stitches to go around the circumference of the needles to join in the round. I’m feeling extremely foolish, as I did read your previous post, about sizing it up in multiples of “5”, but if you knitted it with 48″ cast on stitches originally, why am I not able to do the same. sorry, feeling really ignorant here. I am a fairly new knitter (couple years) and have tried some fairly difficult knits, but this has really got me baffled. Thanks for your input. I would LOVE to get this done for a gift.


    • Hi Jordan,
      Sorry to hear about the ripping out, I know that’s so frustrating. I went back and measured my needles (Boye interchangeable) and I used a 12″ cable with 4″ needles, I did a little research and since most circulars are measured tip to tip, that would actually make it a 20″ circular. Either way, if it won’t seem to fit on your circulars, I think my best advice would be to start out on double pointed needles for the ribbing then see if you can move it to a circular once you start the lace pattern. Hoping that helps, best of luck!

  16. Kathy

     /  June 9, 2012

    Hey there, wanted to ask a question or two about the cute hat. First, I’m knitting in the round and usually do. This will be my 6th hat so still new. So are you turning your hats wrong side out or am I? It looks to me like the brim in pic of mushroom hat is the reverse side?? It doesn’t look like k1 p1 on my hat UNLESS I look at reverse side of my work. Also. You say cast on 48 in pattern but that ends up leaving you with a knit stitch at both ends if you are using circulars. Also I agree with one of the commenters that its looking small as I make the brim but it looks like yes it should stretch. Fingers crossed. Anyhow any help would be awesome.

    Kathy 😉

    • Kathy

       /  June 10, 2012

      Ok I goofed on the starting and ending with k1. I accidentally purled twice. Hence got two knit stitched side by side at end of round. Also when stretching out hat it does look pretty close to the “right side” of the work. So now another question. I’ve torn whole deal out and reworking. Want to make a tad bigger so following your post about adding a multiple of 5?? I don’t get. Your original cast on is 48. Not a multiple of 5. Help 🙂

  17. Deborah

     /  October 9, 2012

    I’ve been knitting for 8 years now and your pattern finally inspired me to make a hat! (Crazy I know) I LOVE this pattern…this hat is adorable. Thank you for sharing it! However, I’m confused with the directions for the second set of “Decreases”. They read: “K1, *K3tog, yo, K3tog*, repeat ** to last stitch, K1.” If i should have a multiple of six plus one for the body of the as you described to Davia on July 11, 2011,,,that equals 7 stitches. The directions in the second repeat are for eight stitches….am I missing something? I love this hat (and like Grace – October 2011) I too am meticulously trying to figure this out. Not sure if I should exclude the K1 at the beginning or at the end of the row???

    Thank you! Your assistance is Greatly APPRECIATED!

    • Deborah

       /  October 9, 2012

      OR! as Grace said above ” do we break the last repeat so that it is “K3tog, yo, K2tog” in order to end with a single knit stitch? ”

      Thanks again!!!!

  18. Jamael Szucs

     /  November 25, 2012

    By the way, I made this hat a few years ago, I love it, I love wearing it, and I ALWAYS get compliments. Every time. Thanks for the awesome pattern!

  19. Tammy

     /  December 16, 2012

    what size is the needle?? is it supposed to be US, mm, or imperial? I have it on US size??

  20. Cheryl

     /  January 29, 2013

    Hi Hilary,
    Love this pattern. Maybe I’m having an off day but no matter how much I adjust my stitches I keep ending with one or two stitches too many. This is hat is so cute but having a lot of trouble with the count. Like Teresa in the earlier post I had to adjust count. When I fudged it to get to multiples of 6 +1 after increases I just keep ending with stitches leftover at the end of the round. Please advise.
    Thank you,

  21. I am in love with this knit. Its beautiful. Its amazing. Its fun to make. One of my friends has dreads so I added in an extra 4 rows of the lace pattern. I can’t believe you created this… youre amazing! *bats eyes* =>

  22. when you are talking about needle sizes are you referring to US size or mm size?

  23. I keep clicking on everything clickable for the organic mushroom hat but I have not been able to access the hat. I have made the cowl and the wristlets and would like to complete the set for my daughter-in-law. What do you recommend?

  24. Patricia Moseley

     /  September 27, 2013

    My grand-daughter asked me to knit her a hat. This looked like the type she described and today I have knitted it up. Pleased as punch nanna and delighted grand-daughter. Thank you.


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