Happy Selfish Knitting Month!

That’s right. Christmas is over, the tree is composting in the yard, and all of the stress of last minute gift knitting has passed. Your friends and family are out there proudly wearing your thoughtful handi-knits.

Well, it’s a new year, and it’s national knit for yourself month. So take a long look at your to-do list and resolve to make something beautiful for yourself.  Need a little inspiration?  Here’s my latest selfish project:

This unique one sleeved stole (because every girl needs a good stole) is by Wendy Easton. I put in several good weeks of pretty repetitive kntting, but I think it really paid off in the end.

This pattern called for a fingering yarn, but I honestly couldn’t bear the thought of casting on 38o  stitches onto size 5 needles.  I used Lion Brand Amazing yarn and size 10.5 needles to make it go a little quicker.  The soft wool blend makes it nice and warm, and the subtle self striping kept this basic garter stitch interesting.

It’s definitely a conversation piece and I learned a new technique, the thumb trick.  It’s a way to hold stitches in the middle of a flat piece of knitting that can be opened up and worked on later.

My other selfish resolutions?

Lacy Baktus by Terhi Montonen – I already have some pretty sock yarn that I scrapped from an earlier project.  We’ll see if I have any better luck with this pattern.



Loope by Berroco.  I’m a sucker for tunics and scarves so this pattern had my name all over it. It’s so Mary Tyler Moore don’t you think?





And last but not least, Rosa’s Caponcho by Emma Fassio.  Sure, ponchos come in and out of fashion every other day, but I think this simple bulky knit will have some sticking power.  Plus, it should be a pretty quick knit, so I won’t have too much time invested.




So, Happy New Year and best of luck in all your selfish endeavors.  You deserve it.