The Kiwi Slouch

A new pattern for a friend’s special occasion.  She bought a one way ticket to New Zealand for an experiment in climbing, backpacking, and radical living.  (Check out her blog here)  What better way to celebrate than with this summery, eco-friendly, mesh Kiwi Slouch? 

Ready to make one?  Grab these materials:

1 skein Red Heart Eco Cotton

Size 7 circular and double pointed needles

One stitch marker

This is a nice slouchy hat, loose enough to wear pulled down or over a pony tail. If you wanted a less slouchy pattern, you could decrease by a multiple of 8.   Ready, here goes:

Cast 80 stitches on to the circular needle. Place a stitch marker and join in the round.

Knit in a 1 x 1 Rib (K1, P1, repeat) for 10 rows

Row 11 (increase row): *k1, yo* repeat ** to end

Start this pattern:

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: *k2tog, yo* repeat **to end

Repeat rows 1 & 2  seven (7) times.

Row 25 (decrease row): *k6, k2tog*  repeat ** to end.

Row 26: *k2tog, yo* repeat ** to end

Row 27: knit

Row 28: *k2tog, yo*  repeat ** to end

Row 29 (decrease row): *k5, k2tog*  repeat ** to end

Row 30: *k2tog, yo*  repeat ** to end

Row 31: knit

Repeat rows 30 & 31  three more times.

Row 38: *k2otg, yo*   repeat ** to end.

Row 39 (decrease row): *k4, k2tog*  repeat ** to end.

you’ll probably need to switch to DPNs around  here, but hey- your call.

Repeat rows 30 & 31.

Row 42: *k2tog, yo*  repeat  ** to end.

Row 43 (decrease row): *k2, k2tog*  repeat ** to end.

Row 44:  *k2tog, yo*  repeat  ** to end.

Row 45  (decrease row): *k1, k2tog*  repeat ** to end.

Row 46: *k2tog, yo*  repeat  ** to end.

Row 47  (decrease row): *k2tog*  repeat ** around row.

Row 48: *k2tog, yo*  repeat ** to end. 

Repeat rows 47 and 48 until you have 12 remaining stitches.  Cut a long yarn tail and thread the yarn through remaining stitches.  Cinch the top and  sew in loose ends. 

Happy trails friend!  Wishing you many blessings on your new adventure! 

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  1. kimberly

     /  November 27, 2011

    I have trouble getting my yarn join in the round, and i also dont know which end, the start or the finish will be the top of the hat.. Im not new to knitting but the round is my enemy it seems.

  2. kerlaw

     /  January 6, 2012

    If you have a problem knitting in the road you can always knit without joining, but you’ll have to purl on the wrong side (i.e., if the pattern says knit you have to purl on the wrong side) and you’ll have to sew up. The easiest way I know to join in the round is after you have cast on your stitches, place your circular needle with the right needle end in your right hand and it should have the yarn trailing from that needle. check to make sure that all of the stitches are oriented in the same way, then insert the right needle into the 1st stitch on the left needle, knit and move to right needle. You may wish to place a moveable marker on that stitch to indicate the start. Also, it is fairly obvious that the finish is the end of the hat, you start with 80 stitches and end with 12 stitches, when you have 12 you cut the yarn (I always leave at least 12 in tail),put a needle on the yarn and take each stitch on the needle drawing the yarn through each stitch and then tighten the stitches so that there is a very tiny hole and weave in the ends; I also usually reinforce and close up the tiny hole. Happy knitting.

  3. Knitting in the round can be a problem (but worse for me would be dpns), so I suggest practicing with a shorter circular needle and less stitches – maybe for a baby hat.

    My first attempt at using round was for a Moebius scarf – and, of course, it wound up with 2 twists instead of one — oh well, my friend loves it anyway. The next time I did that scarf, I used two needles, and when finished, sewed the ends together with a twist. Voila! “Moebius” enough for government work. 😉

    I’m wondering if this slouchy would be like a snood for someone who needs to cover their head/hair. ?

  4. I love the simplicity of this hat, Thanks for sharing. I am adding extra rows to lenghthen the slouch for my teens 🙂 I am also adding alternate knit stitches to it to make it my own! 🙂


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