When to say when

I just got back from a vacation in northern new mexico.  It had all the elements of a great summer getaway – cooler weather, secluded mountain cabin, high altitude backpacking, and plenty of quiet time to knit.  In preparation, I picked a project ,Triangel by Caroline Lang, that I’d been admiring for months.  Granted, I’m a sucker for triangle shawls, but I love the eyelets and V pattern.  It’s knit with a sock yarn on size 4 needles so I knew it would keep me busy most of the week.

I had a ball of Lion Brand sock ease in Rock Candy that I thought would be perfect.  I love the colors and the self striping pattern.  Well, I cast on and set to work.  After the 10 hour car ride, I was making good progress, but a nagging feeling started to set in.  I love this pattern but the yarn just wasn’t doing it justice.  The horizontal stripes vs. the diagonal pattern was making me nuts. And, let’s face it -no one wants to see another yellow hat catastrophe. So, I took a big gulp and a quick trip to a yarn store and made the tough decision to start over.

Well, I’m happy to report it was worth it.  I switched to a solid gray skein of Berocco Ultra Fine Alpaca and never looked back.  It’s hard to walk away from 10 plus hours worth of work, but considering how many hours I put into the finished product, it was definitely the right decision.   So, the lesson is – yarn choice is crucial to a great knit.  Trust your gut and don’t be afraid to walk away and start over. 

Lesson #2 – Inspiration is everywhere.  The very next day I wandered into an outdoors store in Taos with a shelf full of hand knits.  My favorite item? A pair of fingerless gloves knit in none other than the striped sock yarn I’d just abandoned.  I’ve never been more excited to start frogging. 

Lesson learned, inspiration found, and a lovely new scarf for fall.  A great vacation indeed.

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