Happy Birthday America

Independence Day comes once a year, so you’d better dress for it.  This year America turned 234 and this sweater, hand knit by my grandmother, turned 50. (though it doesn’t look a day over 39)  During my last visit we found not only the sweater, but the original pattern from the April 1959 issue of Women’s Day magazine.  This was it’s description:

Crisp-looking sweaters designed in Europe and exclusive to America for Woman’s Day readers.  V-Necked Cardigan with a soft, feminine look is knitted with Fleisher’s De Luxe Sock and Sport Yarn.  Sleeves are three-quarter length. 

Pictures don’t do justice to the fine knitting in this sweater.  I’ve been inspired to put ‘knit an heirloom sweater’ on my list of things to do.   It’s nice to know that knitting is not a lost art, and sharing that art with my grandmother has been one of my favorite things about learning to knit.  So Happy Birthday America.  Thank you for freedom and for 99 cent red lipstick. 

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  1. Jordan Haggard

     /  July 5, 2010

    How are there no comments on this? This is freaking amazing, especially seeing the pictures side-by-side.


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