Curtain Call

Well, the show went on.  I wouldn’t call it a smashing success, but it was a great learning experience and I’ve already got a lot of great ideas for next time.

I wanted the space to feel more like a sitting room than a fair booth, so I used lots of funky furniture from home and tried to display things on a variety of levels.  It may not have been the most polished looking booth, but it definitely felt like me.  Everything I had for sale was a true original so I didn’t want a cookie-cutter looking booth.  Turns out, most people weren’t looking for originals.  Also, I tend to design things that I would want to wear or carry.  And the crowd was decidedly older than me.  There were a lot of oohs and ahs, but not as many purchases. Here’s what actually sold:

One green wallet, 2 pairs of boots, and the little birdie sweater.

What I learned:

1. Narrow your selection.  People want to walk past and see everything you have in one look.  Chose 4 or 5 items and make multiples of them.

2. Do not sell knits when there is a  heat advisory.  Even though we were inside, people just can’t think about buying anything knit when it’s 100 degrees outside.  I’m planning to be part of an indie craft emporium at the end of October that should be a lot better suited to my stuff.

One of the best parts of the day was getting to network with the other vendors.  It was great to hear their advice and get their perspective.  I got a lot of positive feedback and good tips.  My favorite part was the trading that happens at the end of the day.  Other vendors come over and ask if you like any of their stuff so they can trade for your items.  Here’s  a trade show math lesson for you:

One pink silk bandana scarf equals =

Two pairs of painted metal earings.


A Weekender Bag plus a Holy Cowl equals =

A beautiful ceramic bowl, tray, and set of coasters -all handmade by another local artist.  Pretty good trade if you ask me.  All in all, I’m glad I did it and I’m proud of my work.  Not a bad way to spend your Saturday.

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  1. tammy

     /  July 18, 2010

    i love the cowboy booties! is this your original pattern?

    • Thanks, it is my pattern. I’m going to sell them on Etsy for a bit while I work up all the sizing then I intend to publish the pattern.

  2. MindyT

     /  October 29, 2011

    Good morning
    I’m doing the holy cowl and am stuck. The pattern calls for “two skeins, cast on with the yarn held doubled.” So I’m knitting with the two skeins together, doubled, I’m 4 or 5 in inches into the cowl, and I’m going to run out of yarn. What have I done wrong?
    Also, after row 4 it says, “knit until it measures 12 inches. End with row 1 or 3.” I’m assuming that is knit in pattern, finishing ….etc., etc.
    Where have I gone wrong?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Mindy,
      As long as your cowl is looking like the correct circumference and you’re keeping the same number of stitches each row I think you’re just fine. Maybe you just knit a little on the looser side. And you’re exactly right, the finishing directions are just to bind off in pattern when the cowl looks wide enough to you. Just remember, it will roll in on itself. I hope you’re able to finish with just two skeins – this yarn is beautiful but it can be pricey! Good luck to you.


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