What’s in a name?

In filling out my application for the Alliday show, the hardest question was line one:

Business Name: ___________________________

I was stumped.  It felt so permanent.   I’m the kind of person that will never have a tattoo because I change my mind as often as my shoes.  Identity is one of the hardest things there is in creating a business.  So, after many days of pondering, second guessing, and doodling, I finally came up with a name.  But first, here are a few of the rejects…..

Okie Modern.  I liked it, but although I grew up hearing ‘okie’ as a term of endearment, I know it’s historical context has been otherwise.  I was also afraid of seeming too western.

Olive Greene.  Mostly because it’s my favorite color.  I liked this name too, but a good friend advised me to pick something that you could also have the domain name for and this one was already taken.

String Chicken.  Cute, but maybe a little too cute.  I needed something I could grow with.

In the end I settled on

The logo still needs some work, but I think it’s a name I can grow into.  And, as my sister and knitting coach reminded me “you’ve always been a purler”.  She taught herself to knit by reading the book I can’t believe I’m knitting.  So, when I’d mastered the knitting stitch and she taught me to purl,  I looked at her incredulously and exclaimed “I can’t believe I’m purling!”

The name has passed the two week test and I still like it.  Who knows, if I get a snazzy logo I may just get it tattooed on my shoulder.  (that was a joke, mom.)

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  1. MOM

     /  June 15, 2010

    Glad you added the “only kidding” remark on the Tatoo comment. 🙂

    I love the new business name.
    I enjoy your writing too! You have a very relaxed style and I find it amusing! I’m still not motivated enough to start another knitting project, but I sure am enjoying looking at all of yours. I wish I could come to your show. Maybe you should hire Kendra to knit some products for you too. She has lots of time!


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