We’ve come a long way baby!

I spent the Memorial Day weekend with my grandmother, a fellow knitter who shared with me her sisters’ collection of vintage ‘Workbook’ magazines.  The Workbook was a home arts magazine published from 1935-1996 that featured a variety of home crafts from knitting to tatting, sewing, cooking and other domestic arts.  I found a treasure trove of timelessly chic patterns and comically dated looks.  I submit for your viewing pleasure….the latter.

Who hasn’t walked into their bathroom and thought “what this toilet really needs is a crocheted seat cozy”.  And, while you’re at it, why not a toilet tank doily?  It’s easy to see why this trend did not stick around.  The bathroom is no place for knits.

They guys didn’t fare much better than the toilets.  We all know fashion is cyclical, but I just don’t think the magenta colorblock turtleneck is coming back any time soon.  Honestly, the brown vest could look downright current with a plaid shirt untucked over jeans;  But it just can’t be taken seriously with those plaid polyester pants and enormous ‘cordless’ mic.

Think of the children!!!  I would like to extend my sympathies to every child whose doting grandmother knit them these outfits and whose mother made them wear it for school pictures.  I know I made some (ok, a lot) of questionable fashion choices as a child, but I am so thankful I was never forced to wear a tabard – hand knit or otherwise.

Lastly, the original snuggie!  And, much classier if you ask me.  Although, I think I could cut some arm holes in a sleeping bag and achieve the same result.  Can’t you just picture her hopping up to grab the telephone?  She’ll have a real advantage come potato sack racing season.

I got a lot of good laughs out of these magazines, but I most enjoyed thumbing through the same pages that my great aunts, grandmother and great grandmother did looking for inspiration.

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