Am I crazy?

OK – This story is making me take a serious look at my life – more specifically my love for knitting and for my pet.  The Willis’ here are modeling hand knit sweaters made by Ms. Willis from custom yarn; custom dog hair yarn, that is.  Read the full article here or see the video.  She spent years painstakingly saving their dog’s shed hair and had it spun into yarn for these sweaters. 

So, as you can see,  the media take on this is  “Ew..look at these weirdos, isn’t that gross?”   So I’m wondering if I’m crazy for thinking  “I wonder how dog yarn would knit up?”   Now don’t get me wrong – I have no plans to start saving the tumbleweeds of dog hair in every corner of my house for yarn making.  But, the more I learn about fiber arts and  yarn, the more I realize that hair is hair.  You know, that angora sweater is just rabbit fur that’s been spun into yarn. 

So I say –   Bravo Ms. Willis.  Your patience is to be commended and your white cardigan is lovely.  This is re-using at its best.  And to Mr. Willis – I wouldn’t wear your sweater during hunting season.  Better safe than sorry.