Silk Bandana Scarf

Remember that recycled silk yarn I bought from a few weeks ago?  Well,  here is is – all grown up and ready for the summer bandana scarf trend.  It’s a mitered triangle knit on large needles that makes it a really quick knit.  And, the recycled silk has so many colors that this bandana will match almost anything.  I’m already getting a lot of wear out of it.

Thank you to Gibson for helping out with the photo shoot this morning.  He adds a real sense of nobility to the piece, don’t you think?

Well, here’s the pattern.  I’ve written out every row even though it’s a repetitive pattern, because I never could figure out how to place the markers so they’d stay in the middle.  If you figure it out – please let me know!

Materials:  1 skein of recycled silk yarn & size 15 straight needles.

Cast on 91 stitches

Row 1:    Knit          (91)

Row 2:    K1, K2tog, K41, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K41, K2tog, K1  (87)

Row 3:    Knit

Row 4:   K1, K2tog, K39, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K39, K2tog, K1  (83)

Row 5:    Knit

Row 6:   K1, K2tog, K37, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K37, K2tog, K1  (79)

Row 7:    Knit

Row 8:   K1, K2tog, K35, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K35, K2tog, K1  (75)

Row 9:   Knit

Row 10:  K1, K2tog, K33, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K35, K2tog, K1  (71)

Row 11:   Knit

Row 12:  K1, K2tog, K31, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K31, K2tog, K1  (67)

Row 13:  Knit

Row 14:  K1, K2tog, K29, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K29, K2tog, K1  (63)

Row 15:  Knit

Row 16:  K1, K2tog, K27, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K27, K2tog, K1  (59)

Row 17:  Knit

Row 18:  K1, K2tog, K25, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K25, K2tog, K1  (55)

Row 19:  Knit

Row 20: K1, K2tog, K23, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K23, K2tog, K1  (51)

Row 21:  Knit

Row 22:  K1, K2tog, K22, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K22, K2tog, K1  (49)

Row 23:  Knit

Row 24: K1, K2tog, K20, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K20, K2tog, K1  (45)

Row 25:  Knit

Row 26: K1, K2tog, K18, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K18, K2tog, K1  (41)

Row 27:  Knit

Row 28: K1, K2tog, K16, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K16, K2tog, K1  (37)

Row 29: Knit

Row 30: K1, K2tog, K14, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K14, K2tog, K1  (33)

Row 31:  Knit

Row 32:  K1, K2tog, K12, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K12, K2tog, K1  (29)

Row 33:  Knit

Row 34: K1, K2tog, K10, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K10, K2tog, K1  (25)

Row 35:  Knit

Row 36: K1, K2tog, K8, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K8, K2tog, K1      (21)

Row 37:  Knit

Row 38: K1, K2tog, K6, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K6, K2tog, K1      (17)

Row 39: Knit

Row 40: K1, K2tog, K4, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K4, K2tog, K1      (13)

Row 41:  Knit

Row 42: K1, K2tog, K2, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K2, K2tog, K1       (9)

Row 43: Knit

Row 44: K1, K2tog, S1, K2tog, PSSO, K2tog, K1                     (5)

Row 45: Knit

Row 46: K1, K2tog, PSSO, K1                                                       (3)

Row 47: Knit

Row 48: K1, K2tog, PSSO, Tie Off.  Weave in loose ends

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  1. Just totally totally totally loving this!!!

  2. Hey–is there a mistake in row 22…you have a decrease of 4 every row before and this one decreases by 2 and then resumes 4. I look at your photos and don’t see a change in the angle–

    Oh, and also I think if you put the marker after the PSSO you say…knit to 3 before marker…and then do the S1, K2T, PSSO. This will keep things rocking along.

    I’m on row 22 and am going to just do a regular 4 decrease and hope for the best!

  3. Valerie

     /  June 13, 2012

    I started knitting this scarf a couple days ago. I really like the look, by the way, but I have a question on the instructions between Rows 20 and 22. Up until Row 20, the pattern says “k1, k2tog, k…” and the number of stitches knitted has always been an odd number and a difference of two, but on Row 22 the number of stitches is even and a difference of one. Is this correct? I’m a new knitter and I don’t know how to figure out decreases. I haven’t knitted this far yet, and I dislike ripping back. Thanks for checking this for me.


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