Top Ten reasons Why I Knit

Instant gratification.  A finished knit is work of art with no framing necessary.

I’m honing my secret agent skills.  Because deciphering knitting patterns is much trickier than any decoder ring.

Because it just feels so good to answer “I made it.” To the question… “I love that,  where did you get it?”

It makes you look busy during awkward social situations – like the doctor’s office waiting room, the office Christmas party, or a bad blind date.

In case of emergency, I am always armed with at least 2 long pointy sticks. And, I’m not afraid to use ’em.

Because I’m picky.  And when I make it myself, I get exactly what I want.

You can take it anywhere.  I mean, have you ever tried to fit a pottery wheel and 1 ton kiln in your carry on luggage?

Whip up some handmade booties and matching cap and you are the ROCK STAR of every baby shower you attend.  Take that, diaper genie!

It helps me keep my girlish figure.  Because it’s hard to stuff your face with Doritos when you’ve already got your hands full of needles and yarn.

Because turning a ball of loose jumbled string into a beautiful, wearable garment with your own two hands is a kind of satisfaction you can’t put a price on.

How about you?