Racing Stripe wallet

My first felted pattern!  A new camera calls for a new camera wallet – and this one is a workhorse.  It’s been beating around in my purse for weeks and it still looks like new.  It would also work great as a credit card case, a pouch for your sewing needles and buttons, or a little cosmetic bag for your lip gloss and powder.  Here are a few more pics of the finished product:

This is a great project to use up extra wool.  I made this one entirely from my scrap drawer – and in one night.  It’s a great project for the first time felter.  The finished size is 4″ wide by 3″ high and about 3/4″ deep.

Here’s what you’ll need:  2 colors of 100% wool – way less than one skein.  I used Paton’s classic wool because it  felts so easily.  But, any worsted weight wool will work.

Size 15 straight needles; 2 velcro dots; needle and thread.

Here is the pattern written out in a .pdf Racing Stripe Wallet

This is the before picture.

And after.  Once it was felted, I decided I really liked the way the ‘wrong side’ came out, with the dotted lines along the strip.  So, I stitched it up with the wrong side out.

Sew on your velcro dots (sorry, no sticky back shortcuts) and you’re ready to go.  Try knitting it with some wild colors or fun buttons and make it your own.  Happy Felting!

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  1. Caitlin

     /  August 14, 2011

    What is the finished dimension of the wallet?


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