To infinity…and beyond.

I know what you’re thinking….Isn’t that nice that you made those cute matching cowls for your 4 friends.   Well, don’t nominate me for friend of the year just yet.   What  you’re looking is my single biggest failure as a knitter.

And when I say biggest, I mean that literally.  I was doing a little spring cleaning in my closet and came across the ‘scarf of shame’.  And while my first instinct was to shove it back into the dark regions of my closet,  it made me realize how far I’d come.  And, how far this scarf had come – believe it or not, this is the second ugly product I made with this same yarn. It began life as a saggy weird bolero jacket and when it became apparent I could never wear it and be taken seriously,  I decided to set out to make an “infinity scarf”.

I knew how to knit, I was young and naive,  I didn’t know anything about gauge, or needle size, or circular needles.  Here’s what I learned:

1. Knitting is a science.   Needle size x yarn weight is directly related to the overall size of the finished product.  And I’m not too proud to do a sample swatch when it really counts.

2. Circular needles are a tricky species.  And when the stitches don’t go on straight, neither does the scarf.   This one ended up horribly twisted and was a huge pain to knit.

3. And lastly – grey, black and white stripes look a lot better on a skunk than they do on your neck.

So, it’s back to the drawing board with this yarn.  But, that’s the beauty of knitting – you can take a perfectly good ball of yarn, knit it into an ugly bolero, an even uglier ‘infinity scarf’, and, through the magic of knitting … someday a perfectly adequate pair of socks…for an entire soccer team.

Live and learn.