Holy Cuffs

All finished making the holy cowl and scratching your head as to what to make with the leftover yarn?  Look no further.

Grab that skein of Lion Brand Natural Choice Organic yarn (these are in mustard),   Size 10 straight needles, and a darning needle.  They’ll be finished before you can say “Did I really just watch back to back episodes of America’s Next Top Model?”

Cast on 20 stitches (with a single strand) and follow this stitch pattern:

Row 1:  K1 ( yo, k3tog, yo, k3).  continue () to last 7 stitches. yo, k3tog, yo, k4.

Row 2: Purl

Row 3:  K4 (yo, k3tog, yo, k3).  Continue () to last 4 stitches.  yo, k3tog, yo, k1.

Row 4:  Purl

Continue rows 1-4 until the cuffs measure 7 inches long.  End with a Row 1 or Row 3.  Bind off.

Fold the cuffs in half with the right side facing in and stitch a seam from the bind off edge for 4 1/2″.  Leave about 1 1/4″ opening in the seam for a thumb hole.  Then stitch the rest of the seam.

I wore mine last night with the cowl and a friend told me I looked like a knitting super hero.  I’ve been called worse so I’m taking it as a compliment.  While they may not be the most practical accessory,  they’re a perfect use for leftovers and I think every good knit should be part of a matched set.