Holy Cowl!

An oversized organic cowl for the unexpected spring cold snap.  Ours conveniently fell this weekend.

“a cowl”           “a what?”        “a cowl.”       This seems to be the beginning of every conversation I have  when I wear a one.  Apparently the term is unique to the knitting world.  Either way,  I think they’re one of the best accessories ever invented.  I usually tell people ‘it’s like the best part of a scarf’.  And it’s true – all the neck warming with no loose end to keep track of.   And even better, this one’s organic.   It knits up in just a few hours and I like the big size and chunky pattern.

Click here for a downloadable .pdf file –   Holy Cowl

I had just enough left over to knit a pair of wristlets to match.  I’ll get those posted soon.  Enjoy!