Grace’s Slanket

First of all, I would like to thank my friend Abby for having the cutest baby in the world, and for taking these photos of her in her slanket.   I’d also like to thank Grace for inspiring me to learn how to knit for myself.  This was the first pattern I ever finished on my own and although it could never be as cute as Grace, it came out pretty well.

The real pattern name is the ‘Hooded Carrying Bag’ by Debbie Bliss

but we named it ‘the slanket’ after Tina Fey’s version in our favorite TV show, 30 Rock.

Here is baby Grace in all her snuggly glory:

This was a good pattern for relative beginners.  Just lots of garter stitch (which I happen to love the look of), a little shaping, learning to pick up stitches for the hood and plenty of seaming.  The only real trick was getting the zipper sewn in.  Just a  note:  this pattern runs big!  I made the newborn size and Grace didn’t fit into it until she was almost 5 months!

The yarn I used was Serenity Chunky by Deborah Norville and it worked perfectly with this pattern.  A great little baby shower gift for a great little girl.  Thanks again Grace.