shopping list

Knit for the greater good!  My favorite website, is a non-profit website that partners with Mercy Corps, Feeding America, and Millenium to fight poverty and hunger around the world.  All you have to do is click the site daily and  the site’s advertising money goes directly to these charities.  1 click daily equals one cup of food for a family in need.  It couldn’t be easier.

They also have a store that sells fair trade, eco friendly and women made products and with every purchase they donate even more food.  I buy a lot of my clothes and jewelery from them but they now have yarn!  And of course, it’s totally eco friendly and supports local artisans.  Here’s my shopping list:

Recycled Silk – hand made in Tibet and Nepal and now on sale for $6.95.  I’m ordering 3 – 85 yard skeins.  Right now I’m thinking they’ll become a carpet bag purse,  but ask me 3 days from now and that will change.

Banana Fiber yarn – yeah, I’m as curious as you are.  Apparently the banana plant fibers are dried and spun into yarn.  Anyway, they’re on sale for $11.95 an 85 yard skein and I’m ordering two in black.  Maybe an interesting cowl?

Nothing like yarn shopping and making the planet a more equitable place to live at the same time.  More details to follow on these unique purchases.  But seriously – go to the hunger site – and click, every day.