the micro scarf

Is it a scarf, is it a necklace?   Either way, its a quick, easy, stylish knit that’s a lot of fun to wear.  Here’s how to make one yourself:

Materials:  less than one skein of mercerized cotton  (I used Sinfonia from Hobby Lobby)

Set of size 3 straight needles.

Cast on 14 stitches and knit in stockinette stitch (knit first row, purl second row, then keep repeating)  until the scarf is the length you want it and bind off.  Mine is 52″ long so it can be doubled, but you may like it longer or shorter. Just stitch the two ends together to make it a big loop.

I’m planning to make more in some new colors and I think two scarves together will look great.  Use the leftover yarn to make one for a good friend.  Enjoy!


she started it.

y sister, my knitting coach, my dentist, my former worst enemy, my friend.  I heard once that your siblings have a greater influence on who you become than your parents do.  My sisters and I have always had a lot in common and we have many shared interests – music, theatre, tin-foil barbie dress making, competitive dancing in our living room to the CATs soundtrack, and most recently, knitting.

I have my sister Kendra to thank for my newest passion and I love that it’s something we can share.  She taught herself to knit and oh so graciously passed her wisdom down to me.  She’s probably gotten more “what the heck am I doing” phone calls about knitting than she’d care to count but she’s always been my biggest cheerleader.  Thanks sis.